Russian connect deal with-TO about espionage

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WASHINGTON – The United States of espionage suspects Russian Maria Boetina has signed a deal with the prosecutor. Reports that the American news channel ABC News on the basis of rechtbankpapieren. The 30-year-old Boetina admits that they participated in a conspiracy and has agreed to cooperate with the Public Ministry in the USA.

The prosecutor can be five years in prison demands against Boetina. By helping out in the research, she hopes her punishment is to reduce.

Boetina tried in 2015 influence in the new government. Her ex-boyfriend Paul Erickson works for the Republican Party and is as suspicious as seen. Boetina also wanted to infiltrate the walls of the gun lobby NRA.

Boetina would even be a meeting between the top of the NRA and the Russian minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov.

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