Rosario learns from time with Messi

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PSV’Pablo Rosario in a duel with star player Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona.

The midfielder, at the beginning of January is 22 years, did last year, fourteen times in the Premier league. That were mainly short invalbeurtjes. Flight he made in the First Division with the promises of PSV.

Directly during the summer camp in Verbier fingering Rosario that chance with both hands and is now perhaps the most undisputed midfield of Van Bommel. Playing tonight Rosario, who learn rapidly, against Internazionale.

And what if the Italians a dangerous counter-attack places, Rosario in the chase have and in a split second must decide whether he infringes or not? The answer is not hard to guess, after he during the first match in Barcelona failed and that is ultimately the opening goal from Lionel Messi proceedings.

“These are the important details that can lead to something great,” says Rosario. “In Barcelona I made that offence is not and we get eventually, just before half-time a goal against. That are moments which you bring with you during the entire campaign. And in my mind, and also in the Premier league.”

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