Rosario: “I asked me nothing for’

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Pablo Rosario juggles with the ball.

As if it were the most normal thing in the world. This way, Rosario is also on the eve of the Champions League match with Internazionale on the field of Stadio Giuseppe Meazza. Dollend with his buddies Denzel Dumfries and Steven Bergwijn, who at the arrival of the next football temple also not more impressed seem. Now today, of course, pass the real test with tens of thousands of spirited Italians in the stands.

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Rosario, at the beginning of January is 22 years, had in the summer still can’t believe he is here now. With this status. Last season, he did it fourteen times in the Premier league. That were mainly short invalbeurtjes. Flight he made in the First Division with the promises of PSV.

“At the beginning of the summer, I imagined absolutely nothing for,” he says now, fourteen basisplekken in the Premier league, five Champions League appearances and interland richer. “But with this trainer I really had the feeling that everyone is on the zero started, and that I have my chance to grab in the preparation. And yes, now I stand here with a lot of games behind my name.”

Directly during the summer camp in Verbier fingering Rosario that opportunity with both hands. The Amsterdammer was the previous miljoenenaankoop Bart Ramselaar passed in the pecking order and is now perhaps the most undisputed midfield of Van Bommel. Playing tonight Rosario against Internazionale, Ramselaar is not even to los angeles and did last night wedstrijdritme against SC Cambuur. Indeed, in the Kitchen Champion Division.

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In the very difficult group with Barcelona and Tottenham Hotspur dominated in Rosario with a feeling of satisfaction about the way he and his teammates have presented. But still, the balance after five games (a meager tip) to eat at the same time also to him. “We want to have one more show where we as a team are capable of,” says the talented midfielder, who thinks much further than during the decisive Champions League preliminary round against BATE Borisov in August.

As Van Bommel another Rosario, another PSV, then see in that first European match in belarus. “We have really big steps,” says the coach. “If you saw how we started against BATE. Very nervous and awkward, but ultimately with a 2-3 victory. It would also not be good if we have no progression had booked. But I am very satisfied. How nice is it to be in this kind of stadiums, under these circumstances and pressure, to play? If it is here is sold out, you get an atmosphere that you are in the Netherlands don’t go through. A player is so much better.”

And so what if Internazionale tonight, a dangerous counter-attack places, Rosario in the chase have and in a split second must decide whether he infringes or not? The answer is now recommended, after he during the first match in Barcelona failed and that is ultimately the opening goal from Lionel Messi proceedings.

“These are the important details that can lead to something great,” says Rosario. “In Barcelona I made that offence is not and we get eventually, just before half-time a goal against. That are moments which you bring with you during the entire campaign. And in my mind, and also in the Premier league.”

Next to him, watching Van Bommel adopting, as a trainer, that the word ’details’ before and after each match in his mouth. To Rosario he has a good extension. Both on and off the field.

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