Robben about Orange: “It starts to tickle’

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Arjen Robben during his last international match against Sweden.

“Yes, it starts to itch. But it is not realistic,” says Robben against the NIS. “It is good this way. I am 34. With the new coach we have a new path with young fresh guests. That is a must for the almost 35-year-old not want. So: “I’m there again, though. If you like me need..’”

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And as a coach, Ronald Koeman born Bedumer aims for a return? “I don’t know. Now it is good as it goes. If you are an older player it is going to catch up. To that hierarchy, you should not come. At this moment the door closed.”

Robben still do not know for which club he will next season play, but the 34-year-old attacker, who the uitduel with Ajax in the Champions League is missing, is impressed by the fact that FC Groningen in him wants to win.

“There are two or three things passed through our hands,” says Robben. The right-winger takes over next summer, after ten years of farewell from Bayern Munich. “I take very calmly the time, in consultation with my wife and family. We are going to think and see what is the best next step is. A good next step could also be to stop.”

Groningen beckons strongly to Robben, who in 2000 made his debut for the Northerners, and then came out for PSV, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. The fans of Groningen and see the lightning-fast lefty very happy to come and made that last weekend, with a banner clearly. “I have ties with the club and it feels like home, but it is no guarantee that I right things toezeg.”

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