Roasters take Johnny to the Mol under the hands

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In preparation for dove Pancake in the programs of Johnny. “Well, that’s quite heavy”, sighed the comedian. “You have its programs seen?! It’s all cheap emo-tv.” Peter got to own a lot of Johnny’s programs, but did it anyway “especially about his family.” “The great danger of Hilversum. They have everything, all the power, and everyone is afraid here. But not me.”

For roasters, Danny Froger, and Ruben van Zwieten was “the double face of Johnny” a source of inspiration for jokes. “He is, of course, on the one hand, a child with a golden spoon, a huge rijkeluiskind, a party animal. And on the other hand, almost a kind of savior of the world. These go together?”, asks preacher and entrepreneur Ruben. “I think so, but of course schizophrenia.”

Brave boy

Danny found it difficult that Johnny “now in a time the brave boy”. “But in the past he was quite the mischief, so I think it’s a lot about his kattenkwaadperiode will go.” Although Froger, late was added to The Roast of Johnny de Mol, “super-sense” was, he was tense. “Ultimately, it is all with a big, fat wink, so we survive it.”

What jokes Johnny to his head was hurled, on 18 december on Comedy Central.

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