’Putin was spying for the Stasi, ID card shows’

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BERLIN – The current Russian president Vladimir Putin has, in his young years of spying for the East German Stasi. His old card is a Dutch national monument care by the BILD newspaper.

Putin lived since 1985 in Dresden, where he to just after the fall of the Wall would remain. He worked for the KGB, and answered dissidents in communist EAST germany, that was occupied by the Soviet Union since the fall of the Nazis. Now it appears that Putin, back in the thirties, even for the Stasi worked.

Between those two secret services were hot tires; the Stasi was even founded under the auspices of counterparts from the Soviet Union. That Putin had contact with the Stasi, was already known, but that he himself is a pass and direct the employee was, is new.

Recruitment agents

Until the fall of the wall was the document of Putin stamped, reports BILD. What exactly he has done, is unknown. It would, in any event, to ’recruitment of German agents, which he couldn’t tell that it is also for the KGB worked.

The card of the Stasi was useful to undisturbed the headquarters of the Stasi to be able to walk in, tells Konrad Felber, an expert on the Stasi-documentation centre of Germany.


About his time in Dresden is also well known that his second daughter would get, and so writes BILD pride – like German beer drank in his pub. He would still love this.

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