“Our algorithms have no awareness of politics’

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Google boss Sundar Pichai had in the American parliament to defend against accusations of the left and of the right over the ‘partisan algorithms of Google. He brought the pretty starting, already scored both Democrats and Republicans a few points at the expense of his company.

2018 was the year in which the big technology companies accountable were called. And yesterday it was at the Justice committee of the Congress, the turn of Sundar Pichai, ceo of Google …

2018 was the year in which the big technology companies accountable were called. And yesterday it was at the Justice committee of the Congress, the turn of Sundar Pichai, ceo of Google. Curiously enough it was not about Russian influence and only a little about privacy.

Republican politicians had this hearing primarily organized to Pichai on the roster to explain something else: the “partiality” that would be built into the algorithms of Google. That would be the progressive political views and promote the conservative disadvantage or invisible.

Democrats believe there is nothing of. “No credible evidence supports this right-wing conspiracy theory,” said Democrat Jerry Nadler at the start of the session. Democrats seized the opportunity then but to Pichai to the tooth to feel about his plans to have a censored search engine to launch in the Chinese market, and about how the company is data about the location of our smartphones collects and stores.

At an earlier hearing, in september, were toplui of Facebook, Twitter and Google summoned, but Pichai didn’t bother. That has both parties pretty mad. Pichai had so what to do and did so only half in.

For a lot of Republicans is now clear: the top and the personnel of Google are – just like most other Silicon Valley companies – predominantly Democratic-minded, and it couldn’t be otherwise, or that has an effect on the products. If you’re looking for news about Donald Trump, you get almost exclusively left-oriented negative messages, complained to the president this summer in a tweet.


That tweet was based on a count by a Conservative blog. Who regarded almost all well-respected American media outlets such as The New York Times, as “the left” (liberal). Nevertheless, these questionable figures by Republican Lamar Smith yesterday to ‘fact’ exalted. Pichai continued to quietly insist that the search engine is fully automated. “Our algorithms have no awareness of politics,” said Pichai. But he could not demonstrate that search results did not, through one or another accidental effect, politically colored. He also said that the company did not identify the political opinions of the developers of the Google search algorithm on social media to defend.

Conservative web sites like Daily Caller and Breitbart bite for months in this theme. Perhaps because this story comes in handy to get the attention of another abuse where there is hard evidence: the systematic manipulation of Facebook and Twitter by Russian organisations, especially for the benefit of Trump.

The closest to an ‘evidence’ of partisanship at Google, is an email that recently surfaced on the conservative website Breitbart. In that e-mail tells Eliana Murillo, head of multicultural marketing, Google efforts have been made to latinos to persuade you to vote, but that it is ‘not enough’ had been. That suggests that some people within Google had hoped that latinos go to the polls to get Clinton to victory would help. Pichai had the difficult to certain passages in that e-mail to explain. That English is not his native language, it made him extra heavy.

Another Republican, surprised Pichai states that within Google a single chat group could exist with the name Resist. That would refer to resistance against the politics of Trump. But Democrat Ted Lieu swept that away, with the remark that the whole hearing ‘waste of time’ and that what Google is done, it falls under freedom of speech. Another Democrat tackelde Pichai then because there is still extreemrechtste conspiracy theories on Youtube are circulating, including allegations of cannibalism, to the address of Hillary Clinton.


Both parties took to Google hard on plans to be in China a censored version of its search technology. That project, codenamed ‘Dragonfly’, was leaked recently. “We currently have no plans to in China to launch”, droned Pichai repeatedly, but he had to admit that there is a ‘limited’ intern project is to to examine this option. To exclude that the product is there, and he didn’t want.

Also about privacy, there were a lot of questions, all explored mainly familiar terrain. Pichai insisted that the user is informed and can decide what to do with his data is done; politicians of both parties mopperden that the information is not clear enough. Pichai repeated what he had previously said that he is in favor of Federal privacy laws. All he says that according to the critics, especially because he hopes that a Federal privacy act, milder than the new, European-read style legislation in California.

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