‘No space for new Brexitonderhandelingen’

fa5c42d8516474f793a65f118a073fe0 - ‘No space for new Brexitonderhandelingen’

There is no space for new negotiations about the echtscheidingsakkoord between the European Union and Great Britain. That has commission President Jean-Claude Juncker declared in the run-up to his meeting with the British prime minister, Theresa May, later in the day.

After her visit to The Hague and Berlin May travels Tuesday afternoon to Brussels for talks with Juncker and European president Donald Tusk. The British prime minister is looking for additional guarantees that the its must allow for a majority of Uk members of parliament is behind the agreement to scissors.

“This is the best and only possible agreement’, as stressed Juncker Tuesday morning in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. He is willing to ‘further clarifications’ to offer, but there can, according to him, no question of the reopening of the negotiations on the agreement and the backstop that has a hard border on the island of Ireland should avoid. ‘We will leave Ireland in the lurch, ” she said.

Also Guy Verhofstadt, on behalf of the parliament the Brexitonderhandelingen follows, let there be no doubt that the safety net for Ireland in his place must stay. “But if they have a closer relationship with the European Union wants to avoid that this backstop ever to be used, then there is no obstacle’, so said the Belgian ex-prime minister.

May saw himself forced to take the Tuesday scheduled a vote in the British parliament to blow up. It was clear to her that ‘a significant majority’ of the members of parliament are not the light to green for the deal that they are at the end of november with the European leaders had afgehamerd. She suggested, in particular, a ‘widespread and deep concern’ about the Irish backstop.

The backstop is the fallback solution, which should ensure that there is no hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland when no alternative solution is reached during the negotiations for a free trade agreement. May agreed that Great Britain than in a douaneterritorium with the European Union, and Northern Ireland is a part of the rules of the single European market continue to follow.

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