NASA finds remnants of water on asteroid

47caf99633c0c9c614381885ef2cf782 - NASA finds remnants of water on asteroid

ORLANDO – The OSIRIS-REx NASA has traces of water found on the asteroid Bennu. The water is inside the ruimterots. The ruimtevoertuig flying for a time around the asteroid for exploration to carry out.

The exploration was no liquid water is found, there is the asteroid too small, but molecular traces of water. That may have been derived from the larger asteroid where Bennu first was stuck.

The researchers are extremely pleased with the discovery, they hoped to find. The asteroid dating back to the time that our solar system formed. Because there water is found, the data of the research, many make it clear about those early days.

The NASA mission has 2.2 million miles traveled since the launch in 2016 to the asteroid to come. In 2023 will the mission return with pieces of rock of Bennu.

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