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Messoudi (Beerschot Wilrijk) escaped suspension for elleboogje

ffb976919b3655825d28405d09c91f48 - Messoudi (Beerschot Wilrijk) escaped suspension for elleboogje

Mohamed Messoudi does not suspension to his elleboogje in the direction of KV Mechelen player Jules Van Cleemput. The Reviewcommissie of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) called the arsenal of Beerschot Wilrijk, however, unanimous on the mat.

Messoudi if halfway through the second half in the derby of the 17th match day in the Proximus League and on the field of KV Mechelen (1-1) raids. A few minutes later, had the midfielder all the field must be abandoned, for example, in at least the Reviewcommissie. Referee Wesley Alen rebuked a elleboogje of Messoudi direction Of Cleemput with the yellow card.

By the unanimous intervention of the Reviewcommissie had Messoudi is Tuesday to answer to the arbitration committee. At the hearing, the relevant phase submitted to ref Alen, who said that he, too, after seeing the tv-images behind his decision remained to only yellow to attract. The elbow was not of that quality that they Cleemputs physical integrity in danger, concluded Alen.

The bondsreglement protects the authority of the referee, causing the parquet players after an intervention of the Reviewcommissie may only continue if the referee agrees that a red card was in place. The arbitration committee declared the prosecution of the Bondsparket inadmissible, which Messoudi freely went.

Of the five players this season through the Reviewcommissie for the disputes committee were sued, got only one of them a penalty. Except Messoudi escaped also Andrei Camargo (Roeselare), Faiz Selemani (Union) and Ambrose Gboho (Westerlo) to a punishment. The jurisdiction of the Reviewcommissie was limited to 1B by the introduction of the videoref in 1A.

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