Mel B still in hospital after fall

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Mel B

Mel made Monday announced that they have three hours on the operating table had been due to injuries to her right hand and arm. Also said she has two broken ribs. Exactly what happened is still unclear. A well-known of the 43-year-old singer told TMZ that Mel of stairs cases. During her fall she would have her arm open have met on a number of frames.

Mels mother and her lawyer to emphasize that there is no drugs or alcohol in the game was. Although the Spice Girl in the past with addictions suffered, they have for some time clean. The British tabloid The Sun managed to lay his hands on the results of drugs and alcohol in the hospital have decreased. Also it seems that Mel at the time of her accident under the influence.

As long as Mel is still in the hospital, she makes the best of it. Monday came the other Spice Girls, Mel C, Emma and Geri, while visiting the patient, as is to be seen on an Instagram video of Mel B. is also to see that her right hand and forearm wrapped up.

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