Megan Fox dares stories #MeToo not to share

28a886c8b3f5992dcdee361eacc8c263 - Megan Fox dares stories #MeToo not to share

The actress spoke years ago about misogynistic behavior of director Michael Bay, but then got baking criticism about him. The world was, according to Megan, not yet ready for these stories.

“My words were against me in a way that when, at my age (22, red.) and with my reputation, enormously painful,” said Fox in an interview in the New York Times about the responses they were ten years ago. “I find it annoying to have this about myself to say, but I think that my time was ahead and people my story could not understand.”

When the #MeToo-movement at the end of last year came to mind, decided the 32-year-old actress is aware her mouth. She would not again be faced with nasty comments. “I don’t think that I, on the basis of the reactions of people and feminists, a sympathetic victim.”

Megan drew in 2010, back during the filming of Transformers 3. Michael Bay would be its inappropriate requests have done.

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