Marga Minco (98) P. C. Hooftprijs 2019

ee636926d67f1ca1ae86fcdb8a70ae9f - Marga Minco (98) P. C. Hooftprijs 2019

For her debut album, The bitter herb, in 1957, she had the Vijverbergprijs, the forerunner of the F. Bordewijkprijs. The jury states that Minco by this debut,the Dutch vote in the European oorlogsliteratuur”. The work is adorned on many a reading list of high school students.

Given the age and health of Minco will be the price at her home, will be awarded sometime in January. The prize is awarded on the recommendation of a jury that consisted of Gustaaf Peek, Mathijs Sanders (chairman), Daniëlle Serdijn, Vamba Sherif, and Franca Treur. From the jury report: ‘The novels and tales of Marga Minco give form to the existential experiences such as fear, guilt, loneliness, and a deep but hardly articulate desire for security. Without psychologiseren, without pathos or pretentiousness, she makes an unfathomable reality understandable and predictable.”

Some other titles are The fall (1983), The glass bridge (1986, Boekenweekgeschenk) Failed days (1997), and Interference (2004). Minco’s stories are collected in Behind the wall (2009) and in 2015 appeared After the stars, a choice of the author herself from her stories, supplemented with the novel An empty house (1966).

Recent awards in the genre of narrative prose were there for Astrid Roemer, A. F. Th. van der Heijden, Charlotte Mutsaers and J. M. A. Biesheuvel. The prize is named after the renaissancedichter P. C. Hooft (1581-1647). It is this year, exactly 70 years ago that the P. C. Hooft-award for the first time was granted.

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