Lightsaber Star Wars still not auctioned

ff7c08cb9e73e646e8562ef0d1d91fde - Lightsaber Star Wars still not auctioned

The attribute is described as one of the five original, for the by Mark Hamill played the character Luke Skywalker designed, lichtzwaarden. Auction house Profiles in History in possession of a certificate of authenticity, signed by the Oscar-winning production designer Roger Christian.

Yet they attract fans and bloggers the authenticity of the lightsaber is in doubt. Would it be possible a replica, or a prototype that is not in the film is used. Actor, Hamill sent a tweet to the world, in which he warned that he is not one, but many different lichtzwaarden used during filming. He concluded the tweet with ”#BuyerBeware.”

Real or not, the auction house has the sword pulled out due to ’conflicting information’, so leave it to Reuters to know. The auction is suspended to the designer Christian the raised concerns can explain.

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