Laura Tesoro comes out with a new friend

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The butterflies rampant in the female BV-bellies. In addition to Cath Luyten and An Lemmens has now also Laura Tesoro a new friend. His name is Jordan, a young man from antwerp, about whom little is known. Fans of Laura had been a while in the holes that the same young man at her side kept popping up.

A jaunt to Budapest, huddling together to go ice skating, or just enjoy a drink at a cafe: always was Jordan there. Did that many fans already ring a bell. Now it turns out that the two already since the summer for a set. “Laura and Jordan have indeed a relationship”, as confirmed by the manager of Tesoro.

About Jordan is, for now, not much is known. He arrives just as Laura from Antwerp, belgium and would still be studying. The how, what, where, and when the two got to know each other, seems their secret to keep.

Social media does Laura already not back with her ‘catch’ in the public arena, to act. So yesterday, she posted recently a photo of him at a cafe in Amsterdam.

Unlike in her previous relationship, choose Laura now for a young man outside the world of showbiz. That was not the case at Giovanni Kemper, who she got to know during the dance show ‘The Fabulous Sneakerboyz’.

“We were dancing together, and Gio suggested to me what to help,” said Laura at the time. “At a certain point he had me lift and drop. I knew then that I was in love with. And I hope that I with him may be old.” That has not, all his ‘Gio’ and Laura still thick friends. Hopefully more luck with Jordan.

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