Jessie Jazz Vuijk: ’Fighting as if your life depended on it’

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Model Jessie Jazz must be in the final tomorrow against Saar ’SuperSaar’ Koningsberger. “What I Saar know is that she is extremely fast and a great technique, really a SuperSaar! I will so pressure should stay put,” says Jessie.

Also a finalist Juvat Westendorp feels the pressure of the ring. The actor and dancer must compete against Joey Matsoe Matsoe’ Chip. His opponent is Juvat, however, to speak, and calls him “a very sweet, likeable guest.” But Joey underestimate does not. “It is a sweetheart, but in the ring he’s good though! That guy who hits Taeke Taekema in all directions, and as soon as the bell goes hugs him.”


After 2.5 months of intensive training can Jessie and Juvat confidently into the ring steps. Juvat says he had never been on a program has entered where the pressure is so high as here. “Here you have someone opposite you who you get the brain you want to save. You can’t go back and you want to not let you know.” But according to him, that push him benefited. “I am relaxed and have confidence in myself. I believe that when that bell rings I on sharp stand.”

Also Jessie believes in himself. “I hard worked for. If you believe than you can deliver. I have learned that I myself can trust.”

Blue eye

All win the two finalists, they have a love for the sport at the school. Juvat says spruce like the most. “For sparring is like chess, only you get hits. It is action-reaction, it is look. Very nice to do.” Jessie is very much of the sport. “Now I train for so long, I would be much too much to miss if I now were to suddenly stop. I love to be so intensive to move and in one way or another, I haven’t seen any blue incurred, that is amazing.”

The final of Boxing Stars is Wednesday night at 20.30 to see on RTL 5. The candidates boxing Wednesday night in three rounds of 1.5 minutes in a knockout system. In each category – men’s heavyweight, men’s lightweight and women – one winner from the bus. In addition to Jessie and Juvat will Karaty compete for the honorary title. He takes on Rein van Duivenboden.

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