Jean-Marie Pfaff with a pension

1943e1c518c5df7f66755bf6015b597a - Jean-Marie Pfaff with a pension

Earlier this month was Jean-Marie Pfaff 65 years. The former goalkeeper of SK Beveren, FC Bayern Munich and the Red Devils has the pensioengerechtige age achieved but to stop working is not an option, on the contrary even. The former goalkeeper and realityster is a bus driver. He bought an old Audi bus. Therein is a place for more than twenty people, and there are microphones, tables and tv screens available. The bus has already 350,000 kilometres on the clock. If he himself doesn’t drive, rents out the old-goalkeeper the car companies. The investment that Jean-Marie Pfaff did, not just. In the Day All said his wife, Carmen, Jean-Marie Pfaff from January 1, is entitled to a pension where he and his wife only two times can go eat. “And that for someone who has been from his fifteenth work, and always, contributions are paid”, craving Carmen in the magazine. All’s right with the calculation that Carmen has made not entirely for Jean-Marie Pfaff also has the right to a pension that he was at Bayer Munich has built up. “But there also have all the paperwork still to be arranged. We have temporary, no security”, Carmen continues in Day All.

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