Iran confirms test of ballistic missile

96cb22d457fa6954ad73dc79f6814c63 - Iran confirms test of ballistic missile

Iran has said recently a ballistic missile was tested. The commander of the air force of the Revolutionary guards, Amir-Ali Hadsjisadeh, added Tuesday, according to the news agency Fars that his country annually forty to fifty missiles test. “That is our legitimate right to defend the country’. Iran has for these trials no admission from abroad need.

It was the American minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo that the test on 1 december with a missile for the medium distance being made known. He rubbed Tehran this sinned against resolution 2231 of the UN Security council.

Up to now Iran the test was not confirmed. Accusations of the West and particularly the U.S. regarding its missile has Tehran still rejected. The islamic republic sees in the tests also, no violation of the UN resolution, because the missiles in Iran are so constructed that they have no warhead can carry. They also serve only for the defence of the Iranian border and they pose no threat to other states in the region, says the Iranian ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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