Ingeborg is struggling through a difficult period

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Half a year ago died, the mother of Ingeborg. With the christmas season in front of the door promises to be an intense period for Ingebord. Christmas was the favorite holiday of “mother”. The mother died a half years ago at the age of 84. Dad loved christmas and was always on the first row during the christmas concerts of Ingeborg. “It will be strange for her not to see,” bears witness to Ingeborg in the Story. However, the death does not come as a surprise. “Her body was in,” you recognize, Ingeborg. In addition, there were they also with vascular dementia, though she had so many bright moments. Eventually a pneumonia, its the das to put them on.

The mother of Ingeborg ended up in the hospital with pneumonia and barely an hour after the palliative care was deployed she died… Ingeborg is helping her father for the death of his wife to handle. Ingeborg believes that there is still a consciousness after death, and that thought gives her comfort after the death of her mother. And Ingeborg tries that spiritual about to carry to her father. Daddy Wilfried try the philosophy of his daughter to understand, and follows her to get in the idea that if you’re good for another, there is a lot of good for back. “There, I think,” says Wilfried.

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