Indonesian villagers catch huge python of eight metres

Indonesian villagers have a huge python of eight meters caught, when he was one of them in a deadly stranglehold held. The villagers initially thought the snake, which is on the banks of a river was, just an old tree trunk was, before the animal one of them suddenly attacked.

On video footage of the end of november to see how the man tries to from the deadly stranglehold to hit, while his companions him try to free himself. The images of villager Ronal Efendi Coto went viral and were already more than a million views. With the help of a local zoo could the snake in a cage be inserted and transferred to Pucuang Anam, a village on the island of Sumatra. The local zoo has no place but, the animal remains in the village.

The python is one of the world’s largest snakes, but is rarely longer than seven metres. A young Indonesian was on Fire in June, lifeless found in a huge python, which was captured in the area where the woman had disappeared when she was busy in her vegetable garden.

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