Heerenveen beheaded by ’arrows of the outside’

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Luuc Eisenga

Especially if you are at the specially convened press conference for the departure of Eisenga hear that there are ’arrows of the outside’ are fired at the board. That is one of the highest governing bodies of the club, in which sponsors, volunteers and supporters are represented. Those ’arrows’, with dissatisfaction from the (big) sponsors, beat a breach in the relationship with the supervisory board. Confidence in them was terminated and, consequently, in Eisenga. The supervisory board is the controlling body of the director.

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What will happen now? Mondays are supervisory board chairman Jorrit Jorritsma and Kremer (commercial) for non-reappointment. They are directly replaced by the new supervisory board members. For Hans Westerhof (technical affairs) keeps the board open the door, but the experienced voetbalman is not going to continue. “The confidence in the supervisory board is cancelled, and I’m also in,” said Westerhof. ,,I feel connected with Jorrit and Gerard, who I regard as very honest people.”

The new naming of the supervisory board and the board of the foundation have until march 1, the time to be a substitute for Eisenga to find as a director. The employees left per letter “deeply disappointed” in the board, because after the turmoil of previous years, all the developments, and they also were surprised by Eisenga’s departure, again took to the street to lie. Eisenga had the last few years, the rest return to the shop floor and brought the sharp stadionhuur back, but recognised also no succes at Heerenveen.

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