Guardiola: ‘Racism is everywhere’.

6a56df99031c7d592f798aa76cea2350 - Guardiola: 'Racism is everywhere'.

The attacker accused after the duel with Chelsea (0-2) a number of supporters of the London club of racist behavior. In England it is now a new debate about racism in football has been started. But Guardiola fights that it is only in this sport occurs. ,,, People concentrate on the football, but there is not only. Immigrants and vluchtingen in the world are racist in any way. We need to fight in order for everyone to have a good situation.”

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Chelsea suspends four fans after alleged racism towards Sterling

Guardiola had a lot of praise for Sterling, who Sunday said that media coverage helps racism to promote. ,,Raheem said it perfectly. He is an incredible person and an incredible human being.”

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