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German industrial Mittelstand deals with Blockchain Coin Hero

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German industrial Mittelstand deals comprehensively with the Blockchain

Home News German industrial Mittelstand deals comprehensively with the Blockchain

Matthias Nemack –

Industrial middle class and the Blockchain – this combination seems to work in this country better than the mix of smaller or particularly large companies and the new technology. And also in comparison to large enterprises in the German Mittelstand makes a study a good figure.

SMEs in the industry is very open to New things

Some recent reports and surveys have shown that large companies currencies also more and more interested in the Blockchain and Crypto such as Bitcoin develop. Compared with the result of the study, which was written at the Cologne University of applied Sciences on the topic of Blockchain, and cut out the very Small and very Large industry, but more restrained. About 40 % of all medium-sized representative of the industry in the country concerned according to its own statement in an intensive Form with the new technology and now have extensive knowledge on the Blockchain and its possibilities of application.

Many medium-sized companies involve the Blockchain already

At the same time, many of the companies interviewed are already using the technology. In addition, more than eight out of ten survey participants have a total of at least of the existence of the Blockchain belongs to, if equal to here, but everything else would be given the extensive reporting in the digital sector by surprise. The interviewed company representatives to calculate just approaches, such as, among others, from the Ethereum System known Smart Contracts good opportunities – for example, in the field of automation and optimization of business processes. The Contracts will come, of course, in the case of other currencies, such as the Mytrhil and several other to use, because of the good and flexible use of opportunities.

Some of the technological challenges will be in front of the use to

Also, in the context of transaction-processing many of the participants, the FH can think of survey to have confidence in the Blockchain, and related technologies. A further result of The yet not widely available Standards, the potential missing concepts for the exchange of data between different systems and the cost of Blockchain Integration into their own structures, many companies consider to be the key aspects that need to be solved.

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