Geitenboer Frank again single

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We have great years with each other had, but noticed that the cake was a little on started to hit”, you can read on the website of Farmer wants a Wife.

Frank and Anita say in good harmony from each other to be gone and for the time being they live together under one roof. “Anita is looking for another place to live and until that time she still lives with me on the farm,” says Frank. Anita fills in accordingly: “We can in this way quietly to the idea to get used to that we don’t ask more.”

During the afterparty of Farmer wants a Wife last Saturday, the fraction disclosed to the other farmers. That was for us a very fine way to make our years together, to close. We have a great party and had received a lot of support from the other producers that we have this news earlier and had been told,” said the ex-lovers.

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