Gang of Colombia puts weapons down during christmas

356f7d525245f2c1dd6670af7315bc7a - Gang of Colombia puts weapons down during christmas

BOGOTA – The Usuga Clan, the largest criminal gang in Colombia, a truce of a month was proclaimed for the holidays. In addition, they have other gangs, called to do the same, to christmas and new years to celebrate.

A former head of the gang (second from right) on the archive view.

“We are proud to announce a unilateral truce for all the territories where we are active between 8 december and 10 January 2019”, state in a declaration of the gang. “We hope that other gangs to join in to contribute to the peace in the country.”

Gangs and militias announce traditionally, every year a truce during the holidays. The Usuga Clan did this last year also.

The Usuga Clan is suspected of drug trafficking, extortion and illegal mining of gold. It is one of the most dangerous gangs in Colombia.

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