FBI prevents two mass murders in Ohio

67dba1af08d239b2a7a00692402af9b3 - FBI prevents two mass murders in Ohio

The FBI has in the American state of Ohio two people arrested that are separate from each other, a mass murder planned, so messages American media Monday. One of the two was a 23-year-old woman who had been a few months corresponded with Dylann Roof, the man who, in 2015, nine african-Americans killed in a church in Charleston. The other suspect is a 21-year-old radicalised man.

According to investigators, the two suspects of the attacks have been months preparing.

The woman, Elizabeth Lecron, it would be ‘obsessed’ to a mass murder to commit. They revered on social media to the Columbine-shooters and corresponded with mass murderer Roof. Saturday, she was arrested after they have the material bought to make a bomb to manufacture. A undercoveragent made it known that they wanted to strike in a bar in Toledo.

The other suspect is 21-year-old Damon Joseph who, according to the FBI via the internet radicalised. He fell under the spell of, and would plan to have been committing an attack on two synagogues in the vicinity of Toledo. The man made compared to a undercoveragent his plans known, and glorified the attack on the synagogue in Pittsburgh. When he Friday a few firearms bought, he was arrested.

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