Farmer wants a Wife-baby’s coming

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Jan and Rianne, and Fiona and Henk

The farmers shared the good news during the afterparty of Farmer wants a Wife, Tuesday brought the KRO-NCRV the news to the outside. “I still have four months, it looks good and I feel good! We don’t know what it is, that we knew with our previous two children also do not”, says Fiona, who already has a nice belly. “We find that good of nature, in fact, that you’re surprised. You already know so much of life,” adds Henk.

“We already have a boy and a girl (the 3-year-old Owen and Jolene of 1.5), so we have all the stuff already in the house, that saves a lot of to do.” Also the children are happy with their upcoming brother or sister. “Owen knows, however, that something is going to happen, that first time Jolene in the belly, and now a new baby!”

Total no interest

Also Rianne and Jan are happy to share. “It is a boy! Two youngsters,” says a proud Jan. “Now We are going to another room for the Moment, so he put all his toys, too.” Rianne let you know that Melle is very grows well, very cheerful and all be careful its first steps. That he will soon be a big brother, he gets not yet. “He also has no interest in the abdomen. But yes, of course, he’s also only 13 months!”

Farmer, Leo, in 2015 the program participated, had been very pregnant (and twenty years younger wife) Eline included. She hopes one of these days to give birth.

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