Ex Amy Winehouse on drug use: ’They did nothing that they didn’t want to do’

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Blake Fielder-Civil and Amy Winehouse

The father of Amy, Mitch Winehouse, has always spoken about a ’terrible accident’ when he says her death had. He is of the opinion that her ex, with whom she’s six years together was not to blame for her death. Mitch suspect, however, that his daughter by Blake to the drugs is lost.

Blake denies that accusation. In conversation with Good Morning Britain, he tells him that for years, it is attributed that Amy and her addiction to him is to thank, but that he otherwise looks. “Amy and I have maybe six months used drugs during our marriage. This used Amy no drugs. They smoked cannabis and I have maybe four or five times use heroin,” he declares. “People don’t realize that Amy did nothing what Amy they didn’t want to do.”

Although he does not guilty feeling for her addiction, though he did regret his behavior during their time together. “I will always have guilty feeling, because I had to intervene.”

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