Europe pays for plastic nepkasteel

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Brussels – With a financial contribution of the EU is in Bulgaria a plastic nepkasteel dropped. This is evident from a new film by documentary maker Marijn Poels, who, together with PVV-Mep Olaf Stuger did research in the Eastern European country.

The fortress of Krakra in Bulgaria: a hard plastic castle that was built with money from Brussels. Visitors there are, however, not to confess.

It goes to the fortress of Krakra, a castle from the 11th century with, inter alia, EU money is restored. But what is sure is achieved, it comes the closest of Hollywood kitsch, according to the philosopher Vladimir Gradev, University of Sofia, who in the documentary is staged. He calls the project a waste of time; with the historical reality would have nothing to do.

Taxpayers ‘ money

The walls are of hard plastic. “It seemed like an extinct Playmobil-castle too long outside in the rain had stood, Only the Playmobil-riddertjes were still missing”, said PVV Member of the european parliament Stuger. To this and similar projects in Bulgaria, according to him, 90 million euro of European taxpayers ‘ money was spent. The nepkasteel is meant to attract tourists to the region. According to Stuger, there will be no dog.

PVV-Mep Olaf Stuger

Documentary filmmaker Poels says to not be afraid of criticism that he is for the trolley of the PVV could make it tighter. “The PVV proposes a legitimate question. What happens with our tax dollars?”, he says.

Poels calls himself a ’leftist liberal’. “I’m not against the EU. But I am ashamed not to with the PVV. Unfortunately, we live in a time where everything is polarized.”

“Only the riddertjes were still missing”

The EU gives billions of dollars each year to regional development, intended to disadvantaged European regions up to stow in the speed of the peoples. But there is criticism also of the European Court of auditors, on the effectiveness of that policy. The regional development fund is, together with agriculture the largest item of expenditure.


According to Stuger is the Bulgarian project a mockery. “The lady at the reception was startled out of a hat. The card was hand written,” says the PVV. “You would be a tourist attraction pre-printed cards to expect.” Significantly enough, he got a card with visitors issue 01. “The castle looked as if it there for 25 years and never maintenance was committed. While it’s only been three years.”

Stuger: “At a number of the larger hotels, we asked at the reception to the castle of Krakra. They had heard, but there had never been someone to be asked.”

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