Emotional autumn for Niels Destadsbader

d807959fc551d51e3de40e9597be0209 - Emotional autumn for Niels Destadsbader

2018 was the year of Niels Destadsbader. The musical prijsbeest won the last year’s one prize after the other. It began this year with the MIA’s, he passed by the cashier at the Gala of the Golden K’s, won the Radio 2 summer Hit, filled two times the Sportpaleis and so much more! Also on tv-just in case Niels Destadsbader Dance As One present, a program that is less well ranked than VTM had expected but that has nothing to do with the performance of the young presenter. Together with Miguel Wiels works Niels Destadsbader at this very moment on a new album next year. Currently scores Niels a hit with “Butterflies in her belly”, a song which he made on the occasion of a failed pregnancy of his sister-in-law. Kevin Destadsbader is not only the brother of Niels, he is also his manager. Two hands on one belly, as you can the relationship between Niels and Kevin describe. The two brothers often spend hours together on the job, they have an intense band. Years ago ran a pregnancy of his sister-in-law error. “They rode a long way to become pregnant. And when it finally was, died with their baby in the belly”, says Niels this week in All.

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