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Economist Rogoff sees crypto-regulation ambivalent – Coin Hero

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Economist Rogoff sees crypto-regulation ambivalent

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Matthias Nemack –

Actually, it is the Economist Rogoff, in his opinion, the potential risk of a total loss in the case of crypto-currencies. In addition, it manifests itself to conflicts in the context of state regulatory measures, as well as opportunities for countries in periods of Crisis.

States must regulate Token because of legal problems?

Whether it is the logical consequence of the large countries and economic zones, which lead to their lack of tolerance to the now well-established crypto-currencies, from Bitcoin to Litecoin and the younger Alternatives? In any case, the former IMF chief economist Kenneth Rogoff is sure that in the fight against money laundering and the opportunities for tax fraud soon of state measures on digital currencies to spend. The major economies have to take from the point of view of the former Harvard Professor no other choice, as the Token for the anonymous registration, and to place them as obstacles in the way.

The Problem for large States, the specialist sees that a regulation does not necessarily lead to less anonymity. This, in turn, the currency of the digital world, part of their appeal for investors and speculators.

Crisis States could Use the potential of the currencies for

The Situation is different according to Rogoff’s in the “Failed States” titled countries such as Venezuela. There crypto-currencies such as from the state itself to be expressed through a Petro-can ensure economic recovery and the end of the crisis. The grey theory. Because with the best will in the world, all experts are not of the same opinion as the economist Rogoff.

Conflicting statements about the crypto-future of experts page

A Bon MOT from Rogoff’s guest post in the Guardian: The value of Bitcoins, a former Professor looks about on the level of a lottery ticket. At least in the current period of crisis on the market. Thus, the industry wants to bring a Professor to Express that the currency can be, in his opinion, generally speaking, even today, is completely worthless. Even if there is, in the meantime, bubbles: Many experts and industry insiders disagree and say back to better times starting in 2019 before.

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