Dentist abused patient in chair

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Damme – A 35-year-old Flemish dentist is arrested because he has patients in his dental chair abused.

A 35-year-old dentist was arrested after patients complained that he had been groped during the treatment.

Ten women had already lodged a complaint against W. D. that a successful practice has in Damme, near Bruges.

As well as he drills and fills, so bad is he at making social contacts with women, writes het Nieuwsblad.

“He rubbed my breasts and my vagina while I was in his chair was,” said a victim in the newspaper. Other women talk about ’strange encounters’ while he is in their mouth was watching.

The young dentist was Friday arrested and interrogated. W. D. would the accusations already partially admitted and sitting in the cell.

The police are investigating whether he is more victims.

The union of Flemish Dentists is not aware of the arrest. To the extent that they know has never been to a dentist for sekssueel abuse in the chair condemned.

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