Darth vader in Lego can only in Richer Than You Think

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It should not always art or design, even with toys in the house, you are richer than you think. During the schattingsdag in muziekcentrum De Bijloke in Gent, Tuesday 11 december in Richer than you Think?, brings a man a huge Darth vader. The figure in the Lego is a real collector’s item, as there are only 40 copies in circulation. Robin Jehaes, expert collectors ‘ items, is also impressed: “I’m a big fan of both Star Wars as Lego, so the two combined to see in one picture, is simply amazing!”

Expert toys Eliane Nin has work to do. An avid collector of Volkswagen Beetle cars has a collection of as many as 3,500 thumbnails. Fortunately, he brought only a dozen pieces. And there sit, according to Nin beautiful, exceptional instances.

Also two miniatuurvliegtuigjes of Sabena fall in the taste of Peter Bernaerts, an expert in applied art. The owner was a pilot in the Belgian airline which went bankrupt. His last flight he flew with king Baudouin and queen Fabiola on board. As a reminder of his career, he bought the two miniatuurvliegtuigen. Bernaerts: “The art collection of Sabena was and still is a hype. It is something mythical, it belongs to our heritage”.

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