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Coinbase is showing interest to list these Coins:

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The most important crypto-Exchange Coinbase has announced that it is exploring the Listing of 31 Krytowährungen, including Ripple (XRP),. The California-based Exchange lists in the future, numerous Kryptos, including Dai, Mana, Neo and many more. Coinbase will work with local financial institutions and Supervisory authorities, the Assets in as many countries as possible to trading.

On the official Blog of Coinbase was announced:

We continue to review the Listing of new Assets, and will work with local banks and Supervisory authorities, in order to be in as many countries as possible.

The 31 in consideration crypto currencies *source: Coinbase Blog*

In September 2018 Coinbase had announced a new strategy for Listing new Assets. The company said that it is a fast, all crypto-currencies to lists that correspond to its internal criteria and the current laws and everything for customers to get.

Coinbase is currently assessing the eligible Assets on the basis of the Digital Asset framework to be able to aspects such as security, Compliance, and the alignment of the project and the Vision of a public trading system for the world, to assess.

In the announcement it says:

First of all, there will be no registration fee. Depending on the volume of submissions we reserve the right to charge a registration fee, to the Right and operating costs for the evaluation and the lists of new Assets, to cover.

List of Coinbase observed Coins

These Coins are analyzed Coinbase for a Listing

Cardano (ADA), Aeternity (AE), Aragon (ANT), Bread Wallet (FRG), Civic (CVC), Dai (DAI), district0x (DNT), EnjinCoin (ENJ), EOS (EOS), Golem Network (GNT), IOST (IOST), Kin (KIN), Kyber Network (KNC), ChainLink (LINK), Loom Network (LOOM), loop ring (LRC), decentra land (MANA), Mainframe (MFT), Maker (MKR), NEO (NEO), OmiseGo (OMG), (POE), quark chain (QKC), Augur (REP), Request Network (REQ), Status (SNT), Storj (STORJ), Stellar (XLM), XRP (XRP), Tezos (XTZ), and Zilliqa (ZIL).

Coinbase noted that the Listing of new Assets, much exploratory work, it requires both from a technical as well as from an approval point of view. The company also explained that you can not guarantee that all crypto-currencies that are currently being investigated for a Listing, be listed in the end. In addition, it may happen that some of these Assets can only be used for the purchase and sale, but there will be no local Wallet to Send or Receive.

On the official Blog, it said that can not set the company on when, or if, these Assets will be on Coinbase available. The Updates and upcoming events will be published on the official Coinbase Blog, and Twitter Account.

ERC-20 tokens

Only on 2. November 2018, announced Coinbase that it will extend support for Basic Attention Token (BAT), a ERC-20-Token, which was developed for use with the privacy-based Brave Browser, on CoinbasePro.

The press release said that the Exchange will take at least 12 hours Deposits before you opened the trade. As soon as an adequate level of liquidity is reached, the trading with the BAT/USDC-order pair. Customers can convert with one click on the Pro interface, your USD in USDC. The trade will be for users in most of the States available, but not for citizens of the state of New York.

Disclaimer: Because of the buying and trading crypto-currencies with a significant risk of loss goes hand in hand, we speak of crypto Ticker not a recommendation to buy from. Please inform yourself thoroughly, comprehensively and, above all, independently from various sources that you trust before the acquisition of a crypto-currency.

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