“Cath Luyten fall in love”

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Last week it became known that Cath Luyten (41), and Frank Raes (64) after fourteen years of marriage apart, are gone. Now it turns out that there is already a new love in Caths life.

“After fourteen years of marriage Frank and Cath in concert and full friendship decides their own way to go”, sounded the last week in a press release. Then placed Cath an emotional message on Instagram: “No matter what. BFF. Thank you for a great chapter in my life, Frank”, she wrote.

And also Frank responded on social media: “Best friends forever”, titlethe he has a picture of their partner. They also highlighted that they have their ten-year-old son Bill “along with all the love and the best care will surround”.

Meanwhile, it should be Looking for a new love you have found, as claims All know. Two people from her entourage have confirmed that Cath her eye and dropped on a peer that they work together for the One programme Today About A Year’. Currently, the second season of the gripping program is recorded.

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