Brussels, May deliver little

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BRUSSELS – The Uk should not count on the fact that there are still some falls to get to the Brexit negotiations. That message is in Brussels and in EU capitals immediately assumed, after premier May’s decision to hold a crucial vote in the parliament.

A draw May be her best suit, they have little to expect in Brussels.

Thursday, the European leaders, including May, to Brussels for their last EU summit of the year. President Tusk of the European Council of the whole agenda given the threat of Brexit. But the UK will not get a better deal. “We will not renegotiate,” said Tusk. “We do want to see how we can help approval in the UK.”

The so-called backstop (see box) is the biggest problem for the British, because the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland should be kept open. The British have there is preferably a time slot or want an opportunity to be the backstop to unilaterally say. But that can absolutely not according to the EU, because that way it will work in the backstop, not as a sturdy lock on the door.

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