Belgian beats pregnant girlfriend to death and crawl back into bed

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BRUGES – A 33-year-old Belgian from Zeebrugge has his pregnant girlfriend to death and risking 10 years in prison. Although they bruising had and apartment full of bloedspatten was, as he crept after the act back in bed, without an alarm, to save.

Jocelyne (33) was dramatically beaten to death by her boyfriend after a violent argument.

Jocelyne Ingabire (33) was just ten years old when she, together with her younger sisters, Rwanda fled after both her parents had been killed during the genocide of 1994. They came with an aunt in Brussels. Later she went to Zeebrugge.

There, she started in 2016 about Benjamin J. (33) to mercy, a homeless bummer with alcoholism. Jocelyne took him home and fell in love. But alcohol and violence ran like a red thread through their disastrous relationship.


On 25 may last year the two again, very drunk when she, according to neighbors in the evening serious quarrel were given. The next morning, got J. his girlfriend doesn’t wake up. He took a picture of her and sent that to a friend.

Who told J. that he’s really a doctor had to call. An hour and a half later called J. to the doctor. It turned out friend Jocelyne died.

Back in bed

Afterwards, the doctor that J. the severity of the situation had not estimated. And even though she bruises showed, and the apartment full of bloedspatten hung up, waited J. then still six hours to sound the alarm. He drank a bottle of wine and crawled even just in bed.

Still, the authorities are not that J. deliberately his girlfriend doodsloeg. “It must be rather from marginality, zattigheid and stupidity have been,” said the prosecutor, according to The Newspaper.

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