Also influencers with each other on the fist

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Also with an old hospital wheelchair Niels van der Zanden and Alex Maas compete against each other. The gentlemen know each other from Temptation Island, where Alex successfully Niels’ girlfriend Rosanna managed to seduce her, and went once before with each other on the fist. In October it came on the street to a scuffle after the two together on several occasions via social media had been challenged.

Boxing Influencers is an initiative of World Fighting League. Also rapper Lexxus, YouTuber Hanwe, presenter, Ouassima and rapper Joey Bravo on February 15, of the party in the Centre of Almere. All the fighters are by professionals trained and prepared for the fight of their lives’. The public, through purchase tickets for the event, get more dished than boxing matches. Various artists steps not with boxing gloves, but with a microphone in the ring.

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