All Family, now in the Movies & Series Pass!

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A cold evening, and a fun romcom, the perfect combination. With ‘All Family’ to deliver a host of well-known Flemings you a relaxed movie night.

We follow Bob and Greta De Jaegher, a couple that forty years happily married and can look back on a rich filled life.

Their two sons, Steve and Carl the farmers well, the one as been successfully added director, the other as a promising chef. Steve’s wife, Billie wrote like a best-seller how to be happy and wants to work with her husband to children to start. Also son-in-law Rik, zookeeper at the zoo, trying together with his two kids the thread again to pick up after the death of his wife.

On the occasion of the anniversary leaves the entire family on weekends. For Bob and Greta, this is the ideal time to use their new plans to announce… and that store in like a bomb. What a cozy family gathering had to be, eventually turns completely different.

‘All Family’ is the first feature film from director Dries Vos. In the cast, a host of famous faces. Next to Bob De Moor and Gilda De Bal, you can also see Bill Barberis, Steve Geerts, Nathalie Meskens, Wouter Devriendt, Tom Audenaert and Inge Paulussen.

The music for the film was written by Bart Peeters.
A romantic comedy, ideal for a cold winter night or during the christmas holidays even relax and sit back.

All Family is now available in the Movies & Series Pass of Proximus TV.

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