Achilles ’29 after monsternederlaag: ’Unfortunate’

ca08b3d969c5e43f7ad9e1768738edca - Achilles ’29 after monsternederlaag: ’Unfortunate’

The players of the Young Achilles ’29 will be Monday night, december 10, 2018 minds for a long time…

“Unfortunate combination of very poor preparation, and competition makes for a 20-0 defeat for (much too) Young Achilles out against ‘Young’ Heracles.”

The club from Groesbeek referring to the fact that at the Almeloërs a lot of players with experience in the Kitchen Champion Division and/or League participation. Remember: Stephen Sama, Jesper Drost, Yoëll of Nieff, Silvester van der Water, Vincent Vermeij and Dabney Dos Santos.

Click the link below for images of all the goals:

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