About food: how to make children eat healthy?

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In the penultimate episode of Over eating diving Kobe Ilsen and Danira Boukhriss into the world of children and food. From the youngest voedselconsumptiepeiling shows that 99% of the primary school pupils too little vegetables. From the same survey also shows that children are far more than is good for them from the group to eat and drink: candy, chips, chocolate, sugared drinks… Too few vegetables and too many sweets.

The great About eating button
Would young people have little knowledge about food? Master Kobe and miss Danira topics 100 pupils from the primary school to the great ‘food test’. They know where their food comes from? They can vegetables make? And they know what is healthy and unhealthy?
Groentechef Seppe Nobels is a challenge. He used his imagination and creativity to the allermoeilijke eaters still on the vegetables. Kinderdiëtiste Lobke Husson comes along with tips.

The canteen of FC De Kampioenen
That children too much candy, is not only to them. They are constantly tempted: a piece of candy at the bakery, ice-cream in the zwembadcafetaria and hot dogs in the football canteen. Can the offer – for example, in the football canteen – not what is healthier? Kobe and Danira pulling into the most famous canteen of the country, FC, The Champions, together with sportdiëtiste Stephanie Scheirlynck. She brings helpful tips.

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