Winter weather causes avalanche risk

99912c503f2a5f059fec19a4e21a0af3 - Winter weather causes avalanche risk

BRIENZ/INNSBRUCK – The approaching winter in a large part of the Alps already and the thick beating of snow and avalanche risk is provided. Austrian and Swiss media talk Monday is of very high avalanche risk from a height of 1800 meter where 50 to 80 centimetres of snow is.

Higher is much more. The strong winds increased the avalanche risk and all the mountain passes in Switzerland are Monday closed, reported the Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

Sunday had two Spaniards in the mountains southwest of Lucerne to be saved. The two were by an avalanche in the snow to get stuck. They are by almost twenty people who in the difficult rescue operation were involved, suffering from hypothermia in the snow found and taken to a hospital. The local police believes that the two hikers themselves, the avalanche have caused.

Also in Austrian media warned of avalanche risk, code 4 is in force, the second highest alert phase. The fresh snow with hard wind make up the 1800 metres for many risks.

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