Walking Dead creator Darabont get to court

1b04ae1726124f929f1548f8b34f5715 - Walking Dead creator Darabont get to court

The two parties tried for years the case in a sort of legal proceedings to settle, but this was not successful. A judge in New York decided on Monday that the agreements between both parties for multiple interpretations and that they therefore can not decide who is exactly the same.

Therefore, let Darabont the dispute is now before a jury, reports The Hollywood Reporter. It goes according to the entertainmentsite to one of the largest financial claims in the history of Hollywood. The co-creator of the series about a world in which zombies on the earth teems, began the case in 2013.

Darabont, the creator of hit film The Shawshank Redemption and Stephen King-thriller The Fog, was halfway through the second season against his wishes dismissed. The director and producer stood at the cradle of the success of the series and was used by channel AMC with all respect for them. He was among 10 percent of the net profits of the series promised.

Nine seasons

The Walking Dead, now runs for nine seasons and is in 120 countries sold. The sales of the series is in the billions of estimated. Darabont saw here after his resignation, not a penny of it back. He was halfway through the second season fired because he lta would perform, but the director says that AMC this decision never has facts can substantiate.

In addition, the blame Darabont the transmitter by accounting tricks the profit on the paper lower to make it seem than it is.

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