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Vermaelen with Barcelona for duel with old rival: “Transfer to England is possible”

ba3372e3f80bd0282213ae1544c7641c - Vermaelen with Barcelona for duel with old rival: “Transfer to England is possible”

Thomas Vermaelen is also in his fourth season at FC Barcelona, but with little to play. But that hurt the 33-year-old Red Devil, which in Catalonia can play “on the side of the best players in the world”. Vermaelen and Barcelona received Tuesday at the slotspeeldag the group stage of the Champions League the English Tottenham. The Spurs are the great rival of Vermaelen’s former club Arsenal.

The defender pulled up in the summer of 2014 after five seasons at Arsenal in his own words “at the right time” the door behind him close in London. Barcelona paid at the time nineteen million euros for Vermaelen, but our fellow countryman was in the Nou Camp, never work to a fixed basispion. The reasons are the intense competition and the blessuregevoeligheid of Vermaelen itself.

“Yet I have no form of regret,” said Vermaelen Monday. “I’ve been to Barcelona and went to play with the best players in the world. That is extraordinary. It is not easy for you to basisspeler to work, but I’m very happy. Every day that I’m on the field stand, I feel blessed. A player as Lionel Messi is on training every day as well as in a match. That also makes me a better player.”

By the injury of a competitor Samuel Umtiti makes Vermaelen the chance to Tuesday to start against Tottenham. The Red Devil is itself only just been restored after almost two months in the barn to have it located with a hamstring injury. Last week Wednesday he made his comeback in the Copa del Rey.

Due to the low playing time diving each year transfergeruchten around Vermaelen. Next summer he is end of contract at Barcelona and seems to be a departure for sure. “I’m open for everything,” said Vermaelen. “A return to England is possible. I have fond memories of my time in the Premier League and was quite happy. Until the day of today, I watch all the matches of Arsenal. I think that the new coach, Unai Emery, it does the job. I support the club through thick and thin. If you have that atmosphere every time in the stadium can see, and especially last week in the derby against Tottenham… I miss That. I remember very vividly the derby in my second year, we with a 5-2 win, after being 0-2 to have achtergestaan. The celebrations afterwards in the dressing room, I can, as for the spirit.”

Vermaelen hits Tuesday against Tottenham fellow Red Devil Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen – Mousa Dembélé is still out with an ankle injury. “We are talking constantly with each other on WhatsApp, but of course they have no idea who Tuesday will play,” said Vermaelen. “They will have to wait and see.”

Barcelona (13 pts) as the leader in group B is already sure of qualifying for the second round of the kampioenenbal. Tottenham (7) vs. Inter (7), that in house the already uigeschakelde PSV receives, for the second place. Vermaelen might help with the disabling of his former London rival. “I try to be the competition not on an emotional way to go”, counterde the defender. “You must be cold-blooded and a pretty head to the kick-off will appear.”

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