Vanessa Paradis: ’Lily-Rose saves it in show business’

4261e43c90a70be0775319f1a81fab09 - Vanessa Paradis: ’Lily-Rose saves it in show business’

Vanessa Paradis is confident that her daughter Lily-Rose is very easy to deal with her fame

That she tells in an interview with the Sunday Times Magazine. Himself got them in the early days of fame daily to hear that she is ’a whore’ and the media called Vanessa back then as ’provocative nymphomaniac’. “That was really hard, because each day came back. I think that people like me could not stand it. I sang a song, came excessive on radio and tv, I was everywhere. People thought it was just too much.”

The ex of Johnny Depp, now married to the French director Samuel Benchetrit, however, not to worry the publicity around her daughter, Lily-Rose, is currently the face of Chanel No 5 and works as a model and actress. “I am very happy that she is where she is now. She is very talented and makes great choices with regards to the movies that she does. She is such a little made for this work.”

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