Van Gils & Guests only in February back

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Lieven Van Gils concluded last Thursday, all the doors of his chat show ‘Van Gils & guests’ and comes only at the end of February back on the antenna. After the eindejaarsshow ‘Peace on Earth’ with Sven De Leijer is Lieven, after all, from January 7 to six weeks, to be replaced by ‘Thirty-somethings’, a new fiction series with – yes – thirty-somethings in the lead roles. Know The Latest News. Ever had One with Emma a telenovelle in the evening, and now again a kind of soap. There are 24 episodes scheduled provisionally. ‘Thirty’ revolves around a group of ex-students and was created by the team behind the successful Ketnetserie ‘D5R’ (read: ‘The Pond’), in which five young people faced with the problems of the average teenager. With ‘Thirties’, they have an adult version thought of what they themselves are “realistic fiction”.

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