UZ Gent transplanteert for the first time in Belgium uterus

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Doctors of the university hospital of Ghent, Belgium for the first time with a uterus transplanted, so that a woman despite a genetic abnormality yet, and can become pregnant. The procedure went very well and the woman does, says the hospital Monday.

With the transplant, that worldwide only nine times was performed, the uterus of a deceased patient’s adopted. The doctors now face the task to ensure that the donor organ is not rejected. Without complications, the patient can over a year to get pregnant.

The Ghent university hospital removed a brain-dead patient the uterus, when a young woman with the Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser Syndrome in plants. That is a genetic condition where women are born without a vagina and an underdeveloped uterus. In Belgium, an annual average of fifteen women with the condition were born.

In 2016, the UZ Ghent, the search for a suitable patient. The operation went without complications and the artsenteam will now in medication administration for disposal. If the uterus through the body of the patient is accepted, will be that with IVF about a year to get pregnant of her own child.

Then the uterus back removed, because the medication needed to suppress the immune system in the long term toxic can be.

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