UN-Migratiepact formally adopted

e035c6efc08a33e13542feebe73309ce - UN-Migratiepact formally adopted

In Marrakech in an intergovernmental conference formally UN-Migratiepact adopted.

To 10.20 have about 150 governments in the world, the UN-Migratiepact adopted in Marrakech. The pact will formally until resolution award at the UN in New York. “I hear no objections, it is adopted,” she said. There followed a half minute of applause. Previously had the secretary-general of the UN, and a Canadian activist with Sri Lankan migrant background fierce advocates for the pact. According to secretary-general Gutteres were in circulation, there are too many myths about what the pact exactly is and what it does.

Later today, the prime minister Michel take the floor in formal debate.

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