Two suspects 8 decemberproces in the right

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PARAMARIBO – In the 8 decemberstrafproces are Monday two suspects ended up in Suriname. These two, Harvey Naarendorp and John Hardjoprojitno, at the time of the December murders in 1982, minister. Therefore, must establish their case to the magistrate and not the court martial as to the other defendants in this criminal case.

Harvey Naarendorp

The two are rightly for suspicion of involvement in the killing of fifteen prominent Surinamese in december 1982. Prime suspect in this case is Desi Bouterse, president of Suriname. Naarendorp is, moreover, as a policy advisor and confidant, remains closely involved with Bouterse.

The lawyer of Naarendorp, Irwin Kanhai, argues that the district court does not have jurisdiction of this case because according to him there is a ambtsdelict. And for which kind of offences is the Court of Justice of the appropriate court. Also believes Kanhai that the prosecution’s far too late, that had already in the year 2000 should take place.

At the end of november, the court martial of the last of the things in this criminal proceedings are treated. The wait is now on the judgment that the president of the court martial against the suspects will point out. When that will happen is not yet clear. Against eight suspects, the prosecutor twenty years demanded, in the other nine was the acquittal.

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