Tusk calls coming EU summit brexittop

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BRUSSELS – The president of the European Council, Donald Tusk, has Monday to let you know that the upcoming EU summit is about the brexit. That the European leaders are also talking about the brexit would have on their already-planned summit, seemed beyond dispute, but Tusk tweeted Monday night that he is Thursday, “a European summit on the brexit”.

Donald Tusk

Tusk stressed that there are or not is negotiated with the Uk government agreed. There will definitely be no ’renegotiation’. But the European leaders, according to him, to see if they can contribute to the British parliament the agreement approves. The EU will bow Thursday, also on a “no-deal” scenario. That is the departure in march of the British from the European Union without anything on it is laid down or agreed.

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European president Tusk came with his tweet after the British prime minister May in the house of Commons had said that the vote on the brexitdeal that it has closed, Tuesday does not continue. There is in the British parliament with a large majority against that agreement. May hopes that after commitments from Brussels on the issue of Northern Ireland and this will be just enough mps behind him, gets to the brexitdeal by the parliament to drag.

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